Here’s the daisy chain subsidiary watch here with Optum Health, a division of imageUnited buying IPS Worldwide.  With all the acquisitions and mergers going on today it gets to be a challenge to try and keep up on who’s buying who, and more importantly who’s combining and potentially analyzing data for great predictive and behavior management in healthcare today.  We need to increase that employee productivity and save money. 

From the website:

“Fostering a culture of health and wellness is especially challenging for employers that manage complex multinational workforces,” said Dawn Owens, OptumHealth chief executive officer. “By adding PPC Worldwide, we expand our ability to serve those employers wherever they do business, and support their people wherever they live. This is a significant step for OptumHealth, as we continue to work with our customers overseas to enhance their employees’ health, well-being and productivity.”
The acquisition creates the leading global EAP provider, with offices and employees on five continents and a worldwide network of nearly 90,000 behavioral health providers.”

I just read in the news this weekend about those in Australia not doing effective cost comparisons for their health insurance so here we go a subsidiary to enforce or should I say help those efforts.  It looks like the daily chain goes something like this, United Healthcare, Optum Health, PPC Worldwide and then IPS worldwide at the bottom of the chain.  Behavioral health is also imageincluded here which includes extensive data analysis processes in most cases to predict behavior and the processes determined by algorithmic formulas to change for better care and of course to save money.  Collecting data by insurance companies is no longer just being a focus in the US but is rather taking on a global focus and again it remains to be seen how data will be analyzed and pooled to accentuate the financial recommendations.  Optum also has a bank with over a billion in deposits for health savings accounts so perhaps this is an effort to bring global accounts of HSAs into the fold? 

UnitedHealth Group Owns a Bank With Deposits Surpassing a Billion – OptumHealth Bank FDIC Insured

“OptumHealth offers three types of HSAs, as well as tax-advantaged health care savings and spending accounts, debit-card services, benefits administration services, and payment products. About three-quarters of the bank’s 1.6 million accounts are employer-generated, while the other quarter are individual accounts.”

Optum Health also offers financial services and has been in the news of late creating loans for US facilities needs additional funding to maintain current business levels and in some cases the ability to stay open.   Optum Health has been very active in the pursuit of Wellness companies such as the purchase of Wellness Inc. of Illinois announced in February of this year. Again along with acquisitions today comes data and how it is all analyzed creates profits either in behavior modifications and/or transactions.  The United conglomerate also has other subsidiary interests such as the daily chain purchase of China Gate to promote Chinese medical devices and drugs in the US and globally.  Again, pay attention to the daily chain ownership acquisitions that are occurring today as sometimes subsidiaries can participate in areas of care to where the corporate office may not be able to due to either laws, rules or ethics.  BD 

UnitedHealth subsidiary (Ingenix Subsidiary I3) Acquires ChinaGate – Working to Sell Chinese Products Globally

PPC Worldwide has announced plans to acquire Australian employee assistance program provider IPS Worldwide.

PPC Worldwide, Golden Valley, Minn., says the acquisition will enhance its global employee assistance program (EAP) capabilities in Asia-Pacific and Australia. The company adds that the investment underscores commitment of PPC Worldwide’s parent, OptumHealth Inc., to expand the services it offers multinational employers.

OptumHealth acquired PPC Worldwide in 2009.

PPC Worldwide says the acquisition of IPS Worldwide will provide local and multinational employers greater access to EAP services and support in Australia through local offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra. Their employees will have access to a network of more than 450 behavioral health practitioners, building on PPC Worldwide’s existing network.

In the Asia-Pacific region, employers will have support from local offices in Singapore and Hong Kong, building on PPC Worldwide’s current regional service centers in Shanghai and Bangalore. Employees who work in Asia-Pacific will have access to an additional estimated 100 behavioral health practitioners.

OptumHealth Unit to Acquire IPS Worldwide - Companies/Financial - Life and Health Insurance News


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