If you remember a short while back the CEO of Trizetto came from Cerner and Trizetto is owned by a private equity firm, a deal that took place a short while back.  Cha Ching the gold mine for investors in healthcare is all the IT systems and billing and analysis systems.  The focus here is “value based” insurance design for employers, nope not the patient but in the long run they are supposed to benefit when analyzed completely and a full cost scoring report is done.  As mentioned a few months ago with this purchase, TriZetto also has access to outsource some IT functions to India if they so choose. 

TriZetto (Owned by Apax Partners PE Firm) Buys Tela Sourcing And Gains IT Resources to Outsource Claim and Other Transactions To India With US Medical Billing

They have templates to manage for five chronic diseases – diabetes, coronary artery disease, asthma, a smoking habit and depression so I guess this will make the predictive portion of this easier through once again stuffing our little bodies into data tables and queried to the max for efficient money saving operations. 

From the website:

“A recognized leader in the field of predictive analytics, data mining, and clinical outcomes analysis, MEDai’s solution suites provide payers and providers with the imagebusiness intelligence necessary to deliver quality care to their populations, enhance chronic care management, and improve operation efficiencies. Our solutions help organizations like Commercial Health Plans, Medicare Plans/Sponsors, Medicaid Plans, Government and State Agencies, Health Information Exchange Collaborative, and Hospitals leverage  “

As a patient and casual reader this probably does very little but I include articles as such to keep my readers aware of all the Health IT processes that are used today so they have some familiarity of what is being done to analyze and predict their behavior.  This article also states they have solutions for compliance so again, depending if this is routed via a Wellness program you might be presented at some time with a wireless pill bottle, a blue tooth inhaler or something else along this line, as this is all about collecting data and making dollars doing it. 

Physicians get the nice opportunity to work with more software with using the Trizetto Risk Navigator’s analytics to manage patient health through proven, high-value medical services.” or as I call them, “the algorithms” of data.  Heck we can’t even get EHR medical records systems without being too complicated so now all the software folks are adding more, save that money.  If you are a patient reading this, are you not so happy to hear that the goal is manage you and that some of these efforts are not driven by attraction and education?  I guess folks sometimes forget that everyone can read what is put out on the web. 

Bottom line for adding more transactional processes is to use software to predict what expenses you as a patient are going to contribute and with prediction type services they want to know ahead of time what you might be capable of, in other words will you have a tendency to maybe be non compliant with taking your meds.  These transactions are the “cha ching” part of the payable process where big dollars are made. 

CMS Introduces The Innovation Center for Medicare & Medicaid–A Place for Collaboration

I hope this new Medicare Innovation Center works with some of the folks out there to create real solutions and ways to manage people like people instead of all these analytical tables they want to stuff us in to and start collaborating with human like solutions that use technology.  According to this article, are costing and scoring and other analytics need to be “robust” so keep that in mind when you are being scored and analyzed, your numbers need to be robust.  <grin>. We deserve better than that.  BD 

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – The TriZetto Group has announced plans to enhance its care management and value-based solutions for health plan members and their providers through a strategic partnership with clinical analytics developer MEDai.

Under the collaboration, MEDai analytics will provide TriZetto’s care management and value-based solutions with enhanced features such as clinical risk modeling, identification and stratification, patient compliance monitoring, provider cost and utilization analysis and comparison, and cohort analysis.

TriZetto teams with MEDai for health data analytics | Healthcare IT News


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