To use the application you need to be registered with Quest Diagnostics but the imageapplication is free.  To view the demo video you can link here to see how it works.  The graphics and screens look great.  The formularies are listen within. 

The demo will walk you though a quick e-prescription format and shows how quickly chart information is found and the transitions of the screens are nice.  If you are a regular reader here then you have seen Quest and MedPlus mentioned quite frequently, especially when it comes to personal health records as with either Google Health or HealthVault you can have your lab results sent to your PHR once an account has been established.  image

Quest Diagnostics and Health IT – Interview with Rohit Nayak, Vice President of Sales, Clinical Information Solutions Group, MedPlus

Below are a few screenshots.


The keyboard is there for easy and simple input. 


Dr. Keith Klein of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center discusses the benefits and user interface of Care360 HD for the iPad in the video below and how he is using it in a real doctor/patient format. 

Quest Ipad

Dr. Klein is a solo practitioner working at UCLA and said it gave him a reason to buy an Ipad.  In October Quest announced their partnership with HP to set up training and financing. 

“When you get software like Care360, you now have a reason imageto buy an iPad. Their interface is exquisitely and brilliantly designed. There is no learning curve at all. The programmers really understood what the doctors wanted; they really understood the work flow, the limitations of being in an exam room talking to a patient. I’m a solo practitioner, so anything that makes the day go better or easier in the office is also going to improve my quality of life.”

Quest Diagnostics And HP Partner to Bundle Care 360 EHR Services With Financing and Training Packages

Again, this looks very nice and from what I see here it is pretty intuitive as far as a learning curve and if you are already using Quest Care 360, using the application on an Ipad should be very little effort other than getting acquainted with an Ipad.  Quest also has application for the Iphone as well. 

Additional information and the download can be found here at the Apps Store.  BD 

Physicians, now you can take your office wherever you go. Log onto imageyour virtual desk to view and take action on lab results, prescription requests (ePrescribing) and, view all of your patient charts.*
This Free App is the mobile companion to Care360 from Quest Diagnostics:
• Access medication history, lab results, problems*, encounter notes*, allergies* and more from your iPad—ideal for when you’re on call or just on the go
• Easily complete tasks, such as prescription ordering or renewal requests
• View lab results, add notes for follow-up and mark as reviewed


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