Here, have an Ipad to keep busy while I perform your angioplasty, well perhaps not imageduring that time but during recovery for sure.  Actually at Stanford they are going though the wrist more often now than through the groin, so you would need a free hand as a patient for the Ipad. 

At Stanford Hospital Coronary Stent Processes Are Done On As an Outpatient Procedure–Using the Radial Artery in the Wrist

This could possibly replace the TVs and the hospital CIO said it was easy to do being they have WiFi throughout the hospital anyway and so far patients like it and can watch a movie too if they like.  BD  image

STANFORD, Calif.--(EON: Enhanced Online News)--Instead of television, Stanford Hospital is offering some patients a more high-tech form of entertainment: iPads.

“They can check their e-mail, watch a movie or read the news or a book.”

As part of a pilot program, the hospital has outfitted its catheterization and angiography laboratory with five of the tablet computers. They’ve been loaded with movies, books and games. They can also connect to the Internet through the hospital’s wireless network.

“Patients love them,” said Anna Ciaravino, assistant patient care manager at the lab, noting that some spend as long as seven hours in the recovery area following a catheterization procedure, such as a cardiac or cerebral angiogram. “They can check their e-mail, watch a movie or read the news or a book.”

Originally, lab supervisors wanted to put televisions in the pre-procedure and recovery area, but they ran into obstacles. “It was going to be tough to install the monitors and brace them appropriately, and also difficult to run the cables,” said Shelly Reynolds, the lab director.

In Stanford Hospital Unit, iPads Fill in for TVs as Patient Entertainment | EON: Enhanced Online News


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