If you follow along this blog, then you may already know there are women and children walking around with bladders that have been grown in labs, amazing technology.  Below is a link with a couple videos that explains the process and now we have a new revelation where bone marrow cells can be used instead of animal cells to grow bladders.  Regenerative medicine’s goal is to help the thousands waiting for organ transplants and the hundreds of veterans who return from Iraq and Afghanistan horribly maimed.  So far, researchers have created beating hearts, ears and bladders by manipulating cells in the human body into regrowing tissue.

Regenerative Medicine – Growing Human Body Parts

In addition, I spent some time last year speaking with Cook Medical about their regenerative processes with healing hernias and other issues with their platform of tissue used to re-grow body tissue.

Regenerative Medicine and How it Works – Interview with Cook Biotech (Medical)

In the news a couple weeks ago, Spain has created the first world’s laboratory to work with growing organs.  The laboratory will "empty" human hearts or other human organs unsuitable for transplantation and recolonize their cell content with the patient's stem cells, allowing the organs to grow a new, ready for transplant back into the new body.  When body parts and this science further matures we will have less of a reliance on transplants which is easier on the patient too as you do not have to deal with the potential of the body rejecting. 

First Human Organ Transplant Laboratory Opens in Spain–Regenerative Medicine

The next goal with organs is the liver and a couple weeks ago, a small liver, not ready for prime time was grown and this if course is very much at the beginning stage.  With being able to grow a bladder with the patient’s own stem cells, this is one more step on perfecting the model and a science that truly saves live.  BD 

Northwestern University researchers have created a model that is capable of using stem cells from a patient's bone marrow to regenerate their bladder. 

Dr. Arun Sharma and Dr. Earl Cheng, both from the Feinberg School of Medicine at Northwestern University, have developed a medical model for regenerating the human bladder using mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from the patient's own bone marrow.

DailyTech - Primate-based Model/Bone Stem Cells Used to Regenerate Bladders


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