Earlier today I had also posted about 2 other acquisitions that have been imageincorporated into the Nuance group of companies. 

Nuance Launches Speech-Enabled Medical Transcription Outsourced Solutions via OSI and Encompass Company Acquisitions

Nuance seems to be all over the news today in healthcare and beyond.  Speech recognition has already been present in radiology and now one more new platform comes into being.  Back in March of 2009, RadWhere was announced and the new PowerScribe 360 works with it and the other current radiology speech recognition technologies. 

RadWhere from Nuance brings speech recognition to the Radiology Department

From the website:

PowerScribe 360 is architected as a next-generation platform to meet future radiology business needs that go beyond speech-driven reporting and imagedocumentation. PowerScribe 360 acts as the central platform for all of the products in Nuance Healthcare’s Closed-Loop Suite of Radiology solutions: clinical decision support, speech-driven radiology reporting, critical test result management (CTRM) and communications, and business intelligence and outcomes analysis.

In addition, PowerScribe 360 provides:

  • Expandable and scalable solutions for today’s and tomorrow’s radiology business requirements
  • True multi-site, multi-tenant architecture with a lightweight, browser-based portal for administrators, radiologists, technologists and referring clinicians
  • Web Services API that provides an open platform for custom application development in order to better integrate with the IT infrastructure”

If Nuance hasn’t created it, it almost seems like they bought it.image  You can also download and use Dragon on your Iphone. 

Nuance Dragon Dictation Comes to the iPhone And Is Free for Now

Need a price check, well in the news today, you can use voice Search to get a price check from Amazon.

A short while back Nuance acquired ShapeWriter and nobody seemed to know what they were doing here.  It turns out today that Nuance T9 is a virtual keypadimage that is coming along with the Samsung Wave II in Europe and Asia so they have now moved from being strictly speech input to touch for phones.  Below is the original post from a few months ago. 

Nuance Acquires ShapeWriter Touchscreen Technology With Continuous Touch Keyboard Input

Back in February Nuance bought MacSpeech, and no wonder the rumors were flying about Apple buying Nuance last week. 

Nuance Buys MacSpeech – Speech Recognition for Apple

Of course they still have Dragon Naturally Speaking and Paper Port which one can still buy out of the box too.  BD

BURLINGTON, Mass., Nov 29, 2010 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Nuance Communications, Inc. (NUAN 17.89, -0.11, -0.61%) today announced PowerScribe 360, an advanced radiology reporting and communications platform that combines the best capabilities of PowerScribe and RadWhere into a unified solution. PowerScribe 360 was designed based on feedback and the extensive experience from Nuance's growing list of radiology customers, which today accounts for more than one third of all radiologists in the United States. This new platform offers unmatched speech recognition accuracy and introduces extensive productivity, communication and administration features that will redefine the industry standard for optimizing the multifaceted radiology workflow.

With PowerScribe360, customers can seamlessly combine the most accurate speech recognition engine in the market, Dragon Medical, for core radiology reporting with options for critical test result management (CTRM), external data capture, multi-site workflow support and structured reporting into a single solution. With workflow and communication tools never before offered as part of a traditional radiology speech recognition system, PowerScribe 360 gives radiology departments and imaging groups the power to create high-quality documentation and turnaround diagnostic imaging interpretations faster and more efficiently than ever before.

PowerScribe 360 seamlessly integrates with Nuance's entire radiology portfolio including Veriphy for automated communication and reporting of high-priority patient findings, RadPort and RadCube for end-to-end workflow optimization for appropriate image ordering and outcomes analysis. PowerScribe 360 supports workstations with 64-bit OS, as well as the latest technologies including Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008, Microsoft Windows 7, Internet Explorer 8.0, Microsoft Cluster Services (MSCS) and VMware.

Nuance Introduces PowerScribe(R) 360, a Next-Generation Radiology Reporting and Communications Platform - MarketWatch


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