Have we  lost our minds?  Is this an effort to make the TSA more user friendly?  Who wants their “junk” on Facebook unless may want to brag about it I guess?  You know what I think Jimmy Kimmel has a good thing going with “unfriending” folks on Facebook as who want to look at this stuff.  Who knows if images are really being discarded too or are they going to “the cloud”, just a good question to pose here on the topic.  I am posting this from what is on the web today and others are tweeting so it looks to be real or is it a hoax? 

TSA Scanners Can Store and Transmit Images – Features are Just Disabled

If you travel through some pilot airports and want privacy, you might want to look into turning off your phone too. 

TSA Pilot Program Tracking Your Cell Phone at Indianapolis Airport – Could This Have Medical Use Too?

The next question is who do you trust to run the data base algorithms to ensure that images are dumped?  That’s a good question and way beyond where I could speculate there.  The technology is getting so good that some are speculating that a use for healthcare might be contained here too. BD

TSA Eyes Full-Body Scanners – Could It Evolve To Include Looking for “Unhealthy Travelers” Too?
John Pistole, the head of the Transportation Security Administration, announced yesterday that full body scanners at airports across the nation will be seamlessly integrated with Facebook next month, allowing travelers to save, tag, and share their near-naked security photos with friends, family, and co-workers through the popular social networking site. Immediately after being subjected to a scan, the traveler’s photo will be automatically uploaded to a public album on Facebook and tagged accordingly. According to Pistole, this cutting-edge integration will allow travelers to stay more connected than ever with their social networks, letting Facebook users know when their friends have made it through airport security and if they are smuggling weapons in their rectums in real time.

WONDER-TONIC - TSA Announces Facebook Integration For Full Body Scanners


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