It keeps happening along with recalls, but nobody has done a thing and yet the technology is here to help.

Eli Lilly Pill Heist in Connecticut – Worth a Few Million on the Black Market And Should Have Been “Tagged” for Identification To Help Identify Reselling By the Thieves

Anyone who reads the blog regularly knows about my 6 month plus campaign where I have been advocating 3D and2D barcodes, also known as Microsoft Tags.  If you imagehave a chance enter your vote before you leave this page and let me know if you would value being able to use your cell phone as a scanner to find recalled products, drugs, devices etc. right on the shelves. 

Microsoft Tags in Healthcare – Comments and Demonstration at “Microsoft Connected Conference” with Surface

Now with this data base they are creating, why not put a Tag on each page and have the device and drug companies synchronize their updates with the FDA?  This also gives the FDA an answer to monitoring compliance with checking to see if the “tags” have been updated, what a novel idea use imagesome technology here, right?  This is not much different than faxes were in the early days as we had people skeptical about those too and now look where we are. 


I went in to a Best Buy store this week end to scan some Cannon products which use Tags from Microsoft, works well.  On the counters though Best Buy was using QR codes and I couldn’t get my reader to work and read those.  Also what is cool too is using the heat map of Bing and then you can even find the IP location of where the product was scanned.  A consumer who buys a product could check for authenticity this way, no scan information, don’t take it and this way stolen drugs can be identified this way as the messages that appear on stolen lots could be changed to indicate they are stolen or recalled.  BD

Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS) is working with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Office of Criminal Investigations (FDA), and other law enforcement officials, to recover cases of specified lots of recently stolen pharmaceutical products.  The specified lots were being transported in a tractor-trailer stolen in Florence, Kentucky, on Interstate 75 North at around 10 p.m. on Wednesday, November 10, 2010.  The trailer contained the products, lots and quantities listed below.

The specified lot numbers are designated solely for the Canadian market and are unique to that market.  The lot numbers in question are complete batches; no product with the same lot number had previously been distributed from BMS to any market.   The product packaging is in both English and French, as required by Canadian law. 

FDA Alert: Notification of Stolen Bristol-Myers Squibb Products


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