This is an update from MSNBC on the Arizona Budget cuts.  There are 2 cases here to where both patients need transplants but can’t get them due to the laws passed imageby the legislature and signed by the governor, the Arizona Access plan.  Lucky both men are in fair condition but can’t last that long.  We have seen the breast cancer algorithm and again companies forget that there are people attached to these numbers.  The governor will not call a special session and there are 98 others in the same situation as the people shown in this video.  Below is the post from earlier this week.  Arizona Access had 2 companies provide them with statistics to make these decision on transplants.  See how powerful these algorithms are that compile data are and they don’t contain ethics issues.

Phoenix Man Denied a Liver Transplant Due to Arizona Budget Cuts-Patient Who Had Insurance Coverage Received the Organ

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If you are a regular reader here, you no doubt know what an algorithm is by now and how the mathematical formulas used have ethics issues.  I have been talking imageabout this for 2 years about how the formulas are being used against those who do not understand the calculations.  Here’s a lawsuit the AMA settled on short payments made by United due to the algorithms created to short pay out of network charges. 

AMA Announced Settlement of Class Action Suit of $350 Million with Ingenix (United Healthcare)

Keith Olbermann talks about the fact that the studies said bone marrow transplants never work and that liver transplants rarely work.  He also brings up that doctors kicked in with some statistics on this that 42% work.  October 1st was the day that all these cuts went into place.  A new roof is being funded for the Coliseum in Phoenix but these folks can’t get their transplants to save their lives.  The governor refuses to use stimulus money to fill the gap on the funding.  What is a life worth one has to ask and is this going to continue?  It’s the power of those algorithms that run on servers 24/7 and the people that allow these mathematical formulas to make those decisions.  Here’s a good book worth reading for all of those that think the formulas are all creating accurate results.  They also create desired results and as you can hear from the video, accurate and desired may not be the same.

“Proofiness–The Dark Side of Mathematical Deception”–Created by Those Algorithms–New Book Coming Out Soon

I can’t wait until technology goes forward to where organs are grown for patients who need them.  There is hope down the road but it’s not there yet for these patients who don’t have that time to wait.  Bladders have been grown and transplanted and recently a small liver was grown, but again this is not to where it can benefit humans yet.  The link below gives information and has a video from Wake Forest on where regenerative medicine is and hopefully when this is developed and available, there will be coverage here to save lives too. 

Scientists At Wake Forest Grow a Mini Liver From Human Cells–Regenerative Medicine

Government on both federal and state levels would be miles ahead to ditch their lobbyists and get some non partisan “Algo Men” so they end up with “accurate” projections and numbers and not those created by lobbyists. 

Keith Olbermann Discussing Health Insurance–Wendell Potter and Michael Moore to Unite On MSNBC Next Week

I am very close this as I have seen it way back when HMO’s would short doctors on their monthly EOBs!  They had floating patients and most did not have the ability to go through manually and find them every month where they were shorted until I came along and built them a simple program (wrote code) so they could balance and check to see what patients were missing so the mathematical algorithms have been used for years to not only cut budgets, but to create profits on Wall Street and now we are at the point to where human lives are on the chopping block and we seem to have lost all ethics for the sake of enforcing these mathematical formulas.  BD 

Countdown with Keith Olbermann Countdown with Keith Olbermann


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