As many of you may have read here at the Medical Quack I am working with M90z_12(camera)Lenovo to test drive and determine where healthcare applications can be supported with the use of the computer and the use of a touch screen computer.  As I stated prior, this is a disclaimer in the fact they Lenovo has provided me a unit to work with and provide some useful feedback.  

In addition to supplying feedback, Lenovo has also enabled me to pass along the following offer when ordering one of their computers online with a code that you enter when ordering on line and at check out time.  You can review my original post below and there are also several other healthcare bloggers who are participants too so you may see this offer more than once if you are reading other blogs, so at any rate when purchasing a unit take advantage of the free offer. 

Lenovo ThinkCentre M90z All In One Desktop Discussion

I still need to do some further testing with speech recognition on the unit myself and will add more later. 

Stay tuned as there will be more news and opportunities to win a unit like this forthcoming. 


Get a free Ultra slim Wireless Keyboard & Mouse when purchasing an M90z

Enter the eCoupon code during the checkout process: M90ZMEDQUACK


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