Both companies mentioned below are acquisitions from Nuance and you can view imageeach page and see that both are now a part of the company.  Both offer solutions without the needs for additional software installation that work with existing software and medical record systems.  Is there anyone left that Nuance doesn’t own today? <grin>.  I’m sure if I were to hunt on the web I might find one or two but it might be hard to find them.  image

In addition, they also offer a free pdf reader that I have used and is not bad and allows you to modify pdf forms with filling in information.  One of their old standby products, Paperport is still alive and well too.  A few years ago I saw Paperport almost everywhere as a desktop document manager. 

From the websites:

Encompass offers a variety of services:

  • Dictation options include 24/7 accessibility to toll-free phone service, digital portable devices and web-based dictation systems image
  • Adaptability to client’s existing dictation platforms
  • Speech Recognition
  • Electronic Signature
  • HIS interface for automated patient demographics
  • Report integration into facility’s EMR
  • Web-based voice, self-edit and delivery methods

OSI Services:

OSi is among the ten largest transcription providers in the world, and the largest founder-managed MTSO in the US. OSi serves over 60 leading hospitals and health systems in the U.S. and abroad.image

Through our OSi Xpress platform, we offer seamless access to our team of transcriptionists and combine this talent base with industry-leading technology and best-of-breed solutions—offering complete voice/text/data capabilities. 

In our secure Internet Data Center we utilize the latest, most advanced and up-to-imagedate digital dictation and speech recognition technologies, which translates into cost and labor savings for our clients. Click here to learn how you can receive control of your reporting process With OSi Xpress.

  • Highly competitive transcription rates through our Global Workforce.
  • The ability to integrate OSi Xpress seamlessly within your own in-house FTE workflow and technology platform.
  • Introduction of Speech Recognition labor/cost savings into your workflow when and where it's most productive.

Both were existing transcription services before ownership from Nuance so I’m not exactly sure how they all come into play if there’s any integration here or if they are pretty much stand alone services.  At any rate there’s an opportunity for choice as far as which type of service may better fit your needs.  BD 

Nuance Transcription Services combines Nuance's proprietary eScription speech recognition platform, which has achieved a Best in KLAS award in speech recognition for six years in a row, with the company's highly experienced, global medical transcription and editing services team. Nuance Transcription Services also draws upon strengths and resources from two recently acquired companies in medical transcription outsourcing, Outsourcing Solutions (OSi) and Encompass Medical Transcription, which received the highest overall score among transcription service providers in the KLAS 2010 mid-term performance review.

"With the expansion of our integrated Nuance Transcription Services, we're eliminating healthcare organizations' need to administer and manage traditional clinical documentation processes," said Janet Dillione, executive VP and general manager, Nuance Healthcare. "Nuance's medical transcription offerings deliver tremendous value to healthcare organizations by supporting their path to EHRs and Meaningful Use, and by enabling them to create medical records."

The transcription workflow management and speech recognition components of Nuance Transcription Services are housed within secure hosted data centers. Customers are assured of a reliable system with interfaces to the most commonly used healthcare information systems and EHRs. Healthcare organizations benefit from technology without needing to invest in software licenses, upgrades, hardware, or maintenance agreements. Nuance also provides integrated transcription services to healthcare organizations utilizing its Dictaphone Enterprise Speech System and iChart on-demand speech platform.

Nuance Launches Speech-Enabled Medical Transcription Services Offering |


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