Well if you don’t get on Facebook directly it appears there’s more alternatives.  I’m just curious if anyone uses the games?  I flat out would not have time.  This is a way in which you can learn and change your behavior and live a better life.  Plant your self a tree of life the site states.  Back in 2008 Aetna tried a lottery for taking medications.  Do you feel like you are maybe being treated like a child here? 

Aetna "Take your Pill" Lottery...

Everybody is not a game player and it’s the last thing on my list for sure.  I’d rather discuss the recently elevated re-insurance in the Cayman Islands that Aetna recently negotiated.   

Aetna Takes Out Reinsurance Deal In The Cayman Islands- $150 Million to Kick When Medical Loss Ratio Hits 104%



Health Insurer Humana Introduces a New Game Called FamScape–Making It Fun to Get And Maybe Mine Your Data?

Remember this from last year with astro turfing on Facebook?  The virtual rewards have a familiar ring of some sort and being I don’t know what is exactly behind the website it’s hard to tell, but everyone is wanting to feed on the weakness of US citizens and sticking that lure of entertainment out there. I still won’t forget what happened during healthcare reform and with the price of data for sale today it’s no wonder we have more of these types of sites appearing. 

Have You Been Suckered In by FaceBook to Play Games To Support Employer and Insurance Company Reform Initiatives?

When looking at the site there’s the familiar Facebook widget too so again not being the trusting person that I am and with my interest in privacy not for me.  Stanford University recently posted a great video on privacy “You are the Product” and it’s well worth watching to understand some of the data that is collected and sold from scrapers and other methodologies on the internet.  It’s a good watch by all means.  BD 

You Are the Product–Privacy Anonymity and Net Neutrality On the Internet - Excellent Stanford University Lecture (Video)

HARTFORD, CT – Aetna has announced a collaboration with Mindbloom, a Seattle-based social media company, that will offer plan members an enhanced version of Life Game, Mindbloom’s online social game for personal wellness.image

Starting this fall, Aetna members will have access to a new engagement model that uses the science behind social gaming – a blend of technology, art and behavioral psychology – to engage people in achieving personal health and wellness goals.

By incorporating social networking, multimedia, a virtual rewards system and psychology-based gaming mechanics – and making it all accessible through mobile phones, email and social media channels – Mindbloom is bringing the missing ingredient of personal engagement to the wellness equation.”

Aetna encourages health through online gaming | Healthcare IT News


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