This is a good thing and if you read here often enough you know I am all for this and imagenobody needs the levels of what I do here by all means, but common use of mobile technology, computers, etc.  When you listen to these 2 short videos they explain what digital literacy is.  This is an executive order from our Governator Arnold here, who uses technology, Twitter especially where he is very visible.  I see new software for phones and other items which I report about all the time and nobody uses it as they are maybe not up to speed in some areas.  This is a good thing and Congress could use a little help too with what I read as staff can’t do everything for you. 

Secretary of Education

She states even if you work at Burger King, you need this knowledge, so does this apply for lawmaking too?  The ability to use today’s common tools today are important for WORKERS BEING ABLE TO GET JOBS.  This is the announcement so I’m sure there will be more to follow.  We also want our leaders to be competitive with other world leaders too in this area.   

California Technology Fund

I’m still looking around the internet to see if I can find just one picture of Joe Biden at a computer or even with a cell phone in hand and I can’t find any <grin>.  He just happens to be the poster child but there are more than can brush up as well.  I was doing a post about technology one day and wanted to include one showing him with some modern technology and I couldn’t find one.  Image is everything today as we see on websites all over and we have somewhat grown to expect to see those images as we still toil away looking for those almost impossible to find “role models” in technology.  Hope we get some soon as it’s not just for those guys over there anymore <grin>.  BD 

Bonnie Reiss, Secretary of Education, State of California

Sunne Wright McPeak, President and CEO, California Emerging Technology Fund

YouTube - californiacio's Channel


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