Normally I don’t bother with a lot of award postings on the Medical Quack as if you read the news every day they are numerous and everyone seems to be getting some kind of an award every where you look; however this one is worth a mention in the world of Health IT and medical records.  image

Notice the last paragraph in this award notice, “with no staff” and “a few student consultants”, that is big news.  What this says to me is that this is one of the unique valuable individuals in the world of Health IT that has “hands on” experience. 

Bill Gates speaks at UC Berkeley Global Health, Education and Thoughts on Philanthropy

Bill Gates at Berkeley last year in his talk to students said these are going to be and are the most valuable folks in the world of IT infrastructure as they can see more than just one focus and that businesses, government and all else concerned will want these folks.  Good work for the California public IT sector and also the work on getting the grants and funds to make this possible.  Come to think of it, President Obama is following the same advice I believe with his new choice of Chief of Staff too, searching out the valuable “hybrids” walking the face of the earth.  The folks over at the Hill could take heed here too perhaps.  BD 

President Obama Names a New “Hybrid” Chief of Staff That Can Bring Some “Algo Men” to the White House and Washington

Jonah Frolich was the Deputy Secretary of Health Information Technology at the California Health and Human Service Agency where he lead the Schwarzenegger Administration’s efforts to achieve statewide electronic health data exchange, uniform interoperability standards, and adoption of health information technologies. He also worked as a senior program officer at the California HealthCare Foundation where he managed the development of national and statewide data exchange standards to support electronic health information exchange, as well as the development of chronic disease management registries.

His leadership brought California the maximum funding possible for health information exchange, three Regional Extension Centers, a Beacon community, workforce grants, broadband funds among other funds for health IT initiatives, which otherwise would have struggled to exist.

With no staff and a few student consultants, Jonah lead a process that allowed hundreds of Californians to directly participate in developing the state's eHealth Plan.

2011 eHealth Award Recipients | eHealth Initiative


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