We would all one day like to see some type of national registry created on medical imagedevices so best outcomes and problems could be recorded and researched.  A few days ago I wrote about the registry success that Kaiser Permanente is having with their registry for knees and hips. 

Kaiser Permanente Registry Information Pays Off With Hip and Knee Replacements For Patient Having Double Hip Surgery (Video)

Products can be submitted by device manufacturers to this website and there is a small fee to do this and basically the staff is covering the cost of the site and upkeep with the fee schedule.  Advertising can also be done by the manufacturers, so in other words when reviewing a device a similar or same type of device from another company may appear in the ad area, which will be clearly marked. 

So far over 2000 medical professionals have joined as members and the web site is international so reviews from devices used outside the US are possible.  Below is a screenshot of a couple of knee replacement systems


Johnson and Johnson is on there and here’s one that may not need any additional imagereviews.  Currently there are 3 areas in focus and the site hopes to add more categories to the 3 main groups, Cardiology, Interventional Radiology and Orthopedics.  The  relationship with manufacturers is similar to that of a medical journal, so the site states they are neutral.  The site also asks that all contributors declare if they have a conflict of interest which might influence the content they post.  BD

A digital service called Which Medical Device has been launched to initially give cardiology, interventional radiology and orthopedic specialists the unbiased advice they need to make informed decisions on using new and existing products.

Medical professionals can discuss products with their fellow members, read independent reviews and more importantly submit their own opinions and reviews of devices they have used.


Whichmedicaldevice.com enables manufacturers to market their products to the world by uploading literature, video and pictures – positive reviews and comments from the community assists sales, feedback from members can directly support further research and development.

Alongside Dr Haslam, the Which Medical Device editorial team includes, Craig Gerrand a consultant orthopedic surgeon and Dr Azfar Zaman, a consultant cardiologist who operates from the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.

Also on board is Matt Offer, who supported the launch of the company in his capacity as a content development manage

Digital firm creates the remedy to medical sales spin | Benzinga.com


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