Even at current rates, most physicians lose money treating Medi-Cal patients. As a result, it is nearly impossible to find physicians accepting new Medi-Cal patients in imagecertain specialties.  Overall the big number is cutting the compensation by 10% and the link below outlines other changes to include bringing in co-pays for services. 

California Proposed Budget From Governor Brown Looks At Some Large Cuts in Health and Human Services

Again, the rates are lower in California than they are in many states and with the changes in economic conditions, the former business plans that helped support Medi-Cal are no longer in place.  We might see more of these decisions from other states make it to the Supreme Court.  Single pay looks better every day.  BD 

The U.S. Supreme Court announced Tuesday that it will decide whether to give California and other cash-strapped states more freedom to cut the amounts they pay doctors, hospitals and other providers of medical care for the poor.
The case could have a major impact on Gov. Jerry Brown's plans to close the state's massive budget deficit.
Federal courts previously blocked about $1 billion in Medi-Cal cutbacks adopted by the Legislature in 2008. Brown has proposed trying those cuts again. His budget plan would reduce the amounts the state pays healthcare providers by 10%, which would reduce the program by $719 million.

Medi-Cal payments: U.S. Supreme Court to decide if California can cut payments to Medi-Cal providers - latimes.com


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