This is something new that has not been offered before or at least to my knowledge but with aggregation and integration being the name of the game today the SDKs imageare available for both a client and server integration.

In addition there’s also an SDK available for audio mining, speak your way into finding the data you need by customizing vocabularies to include industry specific terminology.  BD

Nuance is expanding the reach of its transcription software by making its Dragon Mobile SDK available to developers for use in iOS and Android applications. The SDK, which is free to members of the Nuance Mobile Developer Program, sports speech-to-text capabilities in eight languages and text-to-speech in 35. There are already apps out there that can do the job, including Nuance's own Dragon Dictation, but we welcome new advances in automated transcription.

Nuance opens Dragon Mobile SDK to app developers, we see end to embarrassing dictation -- Engadget


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