Cigna and Humana now have joined with Aetna and United Healthcare to provide coverage for the spinal procedure.  You can read a related article from last year to where NuVasive was the aggressor in working with carriers to come to an agreement on pricing.  BD

NuVasive Takes Health Insurers to Task and Gets Approval for Procedure and Moved Out of the “Investigational” Procedure Category – Less Invasive Back Surgery


Two major health insurers agreed to cover a spinal decompression and stabilization procedure that uses devices made by NuVasive, the San Diego medical device company said.

Cigna and Humana said they will begin paying for the extreme lateral interbody fusion procedure, joining Aetna, United Healthcare and other insurers.

NuVasive developed the procedure and provides tools and a neurological monitoring system used in the surgery.

Big insurers to cover spine procedure using NuVasive devices -


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