This is a neat video about saving lives with vaccines.  Giving children a couple of imagedrops or a shot in the arm can save a child’s life.  Measles vaccines only cost 18 cents each. 

He addresses polio right now and how we are close to solving the problem.  Smallpox is the only disease that has been eradicated.  He uses India as an example on where vaccines are being distributed to children for polio.  He states we need to keep vaccinating otherwise the disease will slowly make its way back.   

Vaccines on a White Board

Vaccines were also the topic for Melinda and Bill Gates this year at the World Economic Convention and you can see more at the link below with an interview done at the convention talking about the commitment of the UK joining in.  BD

Bill and Melinda Gates At Davos- Polio Vaccines and Microsoft Kinect Entertains

YouTube - Bill Gates: Vaccines Save Lives | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation


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