This pretty good and you can see how simple it is, joint point and and translate and it imageis in the early stage and so far it does Spanish-English and they are working on additional languages.  Just watching the videos is amazing.  The first video is from the website and the second video is a lengthy interview with Robert Scoble and goes into detail on how it all came together and how it works. 

It does not read handwritten text but does a pretty good job on just about any text you put in front of it.  It’s not 100% perfect but it gets most of it.  Again you have to look at the quality of the text the camera is reading.  I don’t have to say a whole lot more for anyone to figure out where this can come in handy in healthcare as there are all kinds of possibilities here.  The program can be downloaded from the apps store and it’s not free but at $9.99, it won’t break the bank.  If the text is dark or in a dark area, turn on your flash on the camera and light up the surroundings for a better read and interpretation.  You can visit the website for Quest Visual here.

Quest Visual

Here’s the interview and detailed explanation on how it works. 

Scoble Interview

Here the inventor, Otavio Good, talks about that “the magic comes out ofimage video translation and no one else has done that yet.”

Now, this isn’t perfect, and in the interview you’ll see Otavio lays out why it isn’t, but I am more amazed that this works at all, than the fact that it doesn’t work in all situations.

The magic of software (interview with Word Lens inventor) — Scobleizer


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