Well after testing the water, pharma has obviously decided too there is a “glut” of mobile software out there too as I have said on a few occasions.  How much software will people use and who’s software.  I report on this blog what I feel is useful and there’s a new app on every street corner every day.  So again, pharma imagesounds like they are getting wise here too with stating they will continue to support other software that has “value”. 

We do not have a shortage of innovation in software in healthcare that’s for sure, but the real glut comes in to play with lack of collaboration.  There’s only so much software a consumer is going to look at and actually this applies for all software with mobile technologies taking the spotlight as it is quick and simple to create an application that does “one thing”.  We don’t need any more “one thing” applications today as our phones will be overflowing.  Back in October of 2010 I wrote about this and it applies to algorithms and software all through out healthcare and Health IT, as everyone is not going to end up being a millionaire for this “one thing” application either.  Venture Capitalists I think are on to this as well with what we see in the news recently too.  BD 

Innovation Without Collaboration Is Fouling Up The US Healthcare IT System–We Need Both As We Can’t Stand on Innovation Alone

New health apps have been released by pharma/device companies and health professionals on daily basis, lately pharmaceutical giants have withdrawn nine apps from the iTunes store. The current withdrawn doesn’t reflect that the pharma industry has fallen out of love with Apple’s iPhone, but it will continue to support other apps they have developed for the iPhone platform.

The major companies who withdrawn the apps are Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson and Merck

Pfizer, J&J & Merck withdraw iPhone health apps | Healthy Living


  1. A very informative post. Here you had wonderful topic discussed here.

  2. I agree with your statement that we don’t need any more one thing applications today as our phones will be overflowing.


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