Just an short note here relative to the Workplace Wellness Committee at Davis being chaired by Humana CEO.  According to the his guest post, this alliance is going into full swing this year for planning.  You can read below to where the focus of his imagerecommended group is to collaborate on chronic diseases and the UN this year will have the first ever summit on non-communicable disease. BD 

Michael B. McCallister is guest blogging for the Forum. He is the Chairman and CEO of Humana and Chairman of the World Economic Forum’s Workplace Wellness Alliance. He will be attending the Annual Meeting in Davos.

The World Economic Forum (Forum) meeting this week in Davos, Switzerland, will explore ways to improve our citizenry’s health.  As it has with health the Forum strives to enrich wellness through advocacy, dialogue and partnership.
Increasingly, Forum participants also are focusing on workplace wellbeing. Chief executives of several major corporations, including Humana, have organized the World Economic Forum’s Workplace Wellness Alliance to better understand the link between employee wellness, engagement and productivity. The Alliance goes into full swing this year. 

Collaborative action among corporations can make inroads against chronic diseases – and that’s encouraging since half of those who die each year from chronic disease are in their productive years.   Such teamwork proves especially valuable when common targets and metrics are selected to combat chronic-disease risk factors.

Forumblog.org - The World Economic Forum Blog: At World Economic Forum, Corporations Ally to Improve Workplace Wellness - Michael B. McCallister


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