The Extormity folks have outdone themselves this time!  We actually have live video imagecontent here….we have to laugh, as the trail to establishing electronic medical records has been one of many faces….and no matter what side of the fence you are on, there’ stuff here that relates!  Where else can a medical record program be “Seedie” certified.  This is a healthy discussion with testimony from the EHR vendor and some physicians using EHR systems…tough vendor here. 

You want a PHR…I’m entitled to one…my existence profits from stock options says Jack…I have that luxury….we use words like implementation fees, custom integration, software licensing as a way of defending our cost structure….I’d rather you just wrote me a check and went on your way (EMR Vendor speaking)…Jack has spoken.

I suggest you pick up a keyboard and start writing code <grin> (love that one).  BD

Extormity Testifies!
Extormity senior executive Frederick “the colonel” Youngblood recently testified in front of a panel investigating the software implementation practices of electronic health record vendors. Jackson’s comments were televised via webcast, and his forceful approach underscores Extormity’s “intimidate, bully and bill” approach to managing client relationships.

Below you can check out some of their past outstanding efforts…

Extormity EHR Launches Medicare Fraud Module (Humor) Up Coding Made Simple

Extormity Introduces A Death Panel Module For the Algorithmically Challenged IT Illiterate Crowd And Is “Seedie Certified” (Humor)

From the website:

“The Extormity EMR software suite requires wholesale, revolutionary workflow change that dramatically impacts practice patterns. Our slow and painful change process significantly interrupts patient volumes and revenues, and this cumbersome transformation can only be appreciated in hindsight and with the aid of prescription medication (which can be prescribed via the Extormity EMRX Upgrade Module and Pharmacy Interface Pack).”


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