I thought this was interesting and it kind of tells where everyone’s head is at on Facebook with Healthcare ads having the lowest ratings.  Right behind the last place spot are ads for Internet and Software products.  Does everyone want to play games?  This might be a big indication here on why California has a big Consumer Digital Literacy push and we can share it too  I’m sure.  You heard in the President’s State of the Union address that we need to get educated and this some what tells some kind of a tale here, you think?  image

Digital Literacy California CIO Series -Michael Peevey, President Cal Public Utilities Commission-We Need to Get Up to Par

Tabloids and and Blogs are up at the top and I’m not sure how big of a representation Health Blogs get in here and might think it could be blogs that offer more of the tabloid type chatter?  BD 


Here’s a short video from the California CIO Digital Literacy Series featuring the President of the California Public Utilities Commission. 

Digital Literacy

Still everyone in healthcare is still marketing with viral expenditure rates and sometimes we are almost too overwhelmed at times.  BD

Why Is Almost Everyone In Healthcare Marketing Their “Ass” Off

This chart from a recent Web trends survey of more than 11,000 Facebook advertisements measures click through rates (red) and cost per click (blue) for different categories of ads. There's a huge jump in click through rates for the last two categories -- Media & Entertainment and Tabloids & Blogs. In other words, stuff that's fun to discuss with friends.

Health care ads are the least successful, followed -- somewhat surprisingly -- by ads for Internet and software products.

CHART OF THE DAY: The Most Successful Facebook Ads


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