In case you missed the news about 2 weeks ago the English medical journals called his research “total fraud”. Much of the science reported was falsified and the UK has stripped him from practicing in their country.  image

Autism Study Was A Complete Fraud-Ran A Front of Fake Study Algorithms for Years And Now the Doctor Lives in the US

The journal that published his study retracted it.  This left a lot of issues with vaccines with parents all over the world and the entire world of science took a hit.  Many parents did not vaccinate their kids over this study.  Now we have this recent video with the doctor defending his work?  If you have time this quite a lengthy video but you can hear what he has to say and denies any wrong doing.  He dances around a bit on some of the question here so if you are interested in hearing where he stands today, you can tune in but it still does not change the bit hit science took on this.  BD

Doctor Who Studied Autism and MMR Vaccinations Found Guilty of Misconduct in the UK – He Now Resides in the US

Controversial British surgeon Dr. Andrew Wakefield today defended allegations by authors that his research citing a possible link between the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine and autism were outright "fraudulent."

Autism and Vaccine Link Research by Dr. Andrew Wakefield is 'Fraud' According to British Medical Journal - ABC News


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