Last time Steve Jobs took a leave of absence, the SEC felt some reason to get imageinvolved and check it out but hopefully this time since his well publicized liver transplant this will not be on their agenda this time.  It kind of makes one wonder what’s more important here, his health or is it all about the investors at some point. 

The SEC Probe and Steve Jobs – Inquiring Investors?

You can watch the video below and he’s asking for privacy and states he will be back this summer. I hope all is well but you kind of get a feeling here of wondering how he is doing since his transplant. 

In October, Steve Jobs appeared with former governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and contributed to the new donor law we now have in California to whether you are in or out with your driver’s license designation.

Steve Jobs Attends Governor Schwarzenegger’s Signing The Legislation to Create Nation’s First Kidney Donor Registry in California- It Was His Idea and Work To Push It Through

In the recent past, President Obama has been reported to be consulting with Mr. Jobs as well and I touched on that a bit in this post from a few weeks ago.  BD

President Obama Names a New “Hybrid” Chief of Staff That Can Bring Some “Algo Men” to the White House and Washington

Apple Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs said he is taking another medical leave, marking the latest health struggle for the head of the world's most valuable technology company and raising uncertainty over Apple's future direction.

Apple's Jobs to Take Medical Leave -


  1. One risk is that Steve Jobs kept Apple's brilliant minds united with his incredible charisma. There's a chance that his successor won't be able to do the same, and their talents will fall apart in a fight for power. Steve Jobs was truly a genius in his field and nobody can take that away from him. If he is unwell again he has earned his retirement/leave. Gods speed.


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