Stem cells are appearing almost everywhere today in regenerative medicine and a imagecouple days ago I wrote about knee implants and stem cell therapies as possibly working either together or maybe even as a replacement.  The tennis player sustained some injuries. 

There are even “spray on stem cells” to also treat and regenerate open wounds too.  BD 

Spray On Stem Cells for Treating Burns and Open Wounds–Regenerative Medicine

Jan 18 (Reuters) - Malaysia's top badminton hope Wong Mew Choo was on her way back to full fitness with one eye on the 2012 London Olympics after taking stem cell injections for her injuries.

"I have taken stem cell injection treatment for my knees. For the last three weeks, I have gone through weight training. I am physically better prepared," Mew Choo told Tuesday's Malaysian Star newspaper.

The shuttler, who started the treatment in November, said it was vital to get back in the world's top 16 from her current ranking of 24.

Badminton-Mew Choo getting fitter after stem cell injections | Reuters


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