This was probably the most unique State of the Union message that I have heard and nice to hear all of the technology mentioned including healthcare too.  As I imagewatch the camera span the members it was interesting to watch faces and reactions and one in particular I caught was Grassley with a confused look on his face as technology was being discussed.  The President with his new Chief of Staff will be able to get those “Algo Men” in there to help with the formulas and algorithms needed for the big and little decisions that come along.  Nobody operates successfully without them today. 

President Obama Names a New “Hybrid” Chief of Staff That Can Bring Some “Algo Men” to the White House and Washington

If you read here often enough you know I have spoken on many occasions for all members of Congress to get some additional IT literacy and read up and become a participant and start using the stuff themselves.  I found this video below with the CEO of Blackstone who is at the Davos convention speaking about his feelings on the address, which were positive.  My personal opinion again comes back to Congress upgrading their own learning curve so they are not fleeced by those who do have the knowledge and background and know how those algorithms work today. 

One other item mentioned too in reference to healthcare was the ability of consumers to be able to download their personal health records, and yes that was in there but went by quickly, so I’ll reiterate here a bit with a prior post to again remind all that both Veterans and Medicare participants can download their medical records.  The 2 links below will tell you more about how to go about it, and it’s not that hard. 

VA Blue Button Update–If You are a Vet or an MD Seeing a Vet Get the Health Data Available With Patient Ability to Download (Video)

Medicare.Gov Blue Button Download For Personal Health Record Information for Those Covered by Medicare

You could bet any member of Congress on Medicare has not taken the time to do this and I would love to be wrong here as this is good for all, not just for “those guys over there”.  

Reflecting on the President's "state of the union" address from Davos, with Steve Schwarzman, Blackstone Group chmn. & CEO, and CNBC's Maria Bartiromo.


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