Speakers talked about micro molecular components of cannabis during the Medical Cannabis Convention.  One woman showed off her glycerite she uses for her imagemultiple sclerosis pain in which she puts a few drops under her tongue for pain relief.  The seniors were here to learn about medical marijuana and not to get high. 

This was a first of it’s kind meeting with the focus being on seniors and Laguna Woods is just that, a senior community for the most part in southern Orange County and a very nice area at that.  BD 

Laguna Woods – Wearing a powder-blue cardigan and orthopedic shoes, 86-year-old Dorothy Davidson learned how to make a marijuana smoothie as well as the difference between consuming baked weed and the raw plant at a Saturday conference aiming to teach seniors about medical cannabis.

"You hear so many negative things about it," said Davidson. "Now I know how it works."

Laguna Woods allows dispensaries, but does not have one. However, some groups run nonprofit collectives in the retirement community located in town.

Letitia Pepper, a 56-year-old suffering from multiple sclerosis, a disease involving the central nervous system, said she concentrates marijuana extract with vegetable glycerin to make a liquid. When in pain, she squeezes a few drops under her tongue.

"People come up to me and say 'Oh, you look great,' " said Pepper of Riverside, wearing a T-shirt that said "Pills Kill." She said friends are surprised when she credits medical marijuana for the change.

O.C. conference markets medical marijuana to seniors | marijuana, medical, pain - News - The Orange County Register


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