As I read here these are efforts that have are currently working and in effect and are working to help educate and fight the war on obesity and chronic disease so why not see how the entrants can collaborate with each other and bring a imagelittle bit more under one roof instead of each program just have a single focus?  If something is working well in one area, could it be combined with other programs in effect to bring things together to make it easier for consumers?  We talk about working together and collaborating all the time so just me thinking out loud here on see who could work together with a multi focus program to perhaps reach out and be a little less fragmented.  On the software side of things with Health IT we have no shortage of Innovation, but nobody collaborates and it seems to be a lifeless “buzz” word floating around out there with everyone working separately to build a better mouse trap too.

Innovation Without Collaboration Is Fouling Up The US Healthcare IT System–We Need Both As We Can’t Stand on Innovation Alone

From the website:

“To nominate an innovation for the Healthy Living Innovation Awards, please first review the eligibility requirements and criteria for selection, outlined in the "Rules" section and the "Judging" section. To download detailed instructions on how to submit a nomination through this website, click here.  (You may wish to print this document before you begin.)To review and post the nomination form, click here.”

Innovation kind of takes care of itself as there’s certainly no shortage of talent in the US but the real challenges today are collaborating to make things simpler and easier to get on board, and at the same time make choices easier for consumers too.  From rummaging around the internet and with today’s marketing constantly in your face, it seems that awards, unless someone has done something totally ground breaking we just don’t have the same emphasis like it used to, and that’s just a sign of the times we live in today with the fast and busy pace we all keep.  I know doing this blog I get emails every day with someone getting some award or someone being the #1 in some field and after a while they just all run together as awards for whatever the cause seem to catch that over marketed effect too.  BD  

Healthy Living Innovation

As part of a nationwide effort to promote health and wellness to Americans, Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius has announced a new HHS challenge contest, Healthy Living Innovation Awards.

Sebelius asks citizens to submit innovative projects that help the fight against obesity and chronic disease and have an impact on communities across the nation. Projects must have been created within the last three years and increase awareness and/or encourage Americans to maintain or improve health and wellness practices.

Organizations that participate in the challenge must have projects that fall under one of three categories: increasing physical activity, inspiring nutrition or promoting healthy weight. The projects must reflect the possibility of sustainability and providing results.

HHS Announces Healthy Living Challenge | FedScoop


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