It was just back in December of 2010 that Cord Blood purchased a Mexican Stem imageCell Storage company and now a company in Argentina which is half owned by the company is beginning to store dental stem cells. 

Cord Blood America To Buy Mexican Stem Cell Storage Company

Back in October I wrote about rats that are getting their teeth reimplanted with stem cells.  Researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago have successfully used stem cells to reattach molars to tooth sockets within lab rats’ mouths

Rats Are Getting Teeth Re-Implanted With Stem Cells and Same Technology Can Be Used for Replacement Teeth

This is the ticket I can’t wait for as one who has had a lot of dental work with being able to regrow dental implants with stem cells right in your own mouth.  To do this the dentals uses a tooth-shaped scaffold made of microchannelled natural materials and it also regrows periodontal ligaments in the bone.  I would only hope based on imagemy genes that it didn’t grow a tooth with any cavities. 

Dental Implants Using Body’s Own Stem Cells To Grow Them – Regenerative Dentistry In the Works

Now what is also interesting here is the launch of “stem cell” cosmetics too.   Recently I posted about “spray on” stem cell use that is about ready for clinical trials, so I guess to assume, the cosmetic end of the business is ready to advance as well.  BD

Stem Cell Based Cosmetics Developed from International StemCell Corporation Announced

Cord Blood America, Inc. the umbilical cord blood stem cell preservation company focused on bringing the life saving potential of stem cells to families nationwide and internationally, announced that Biocordcell Argentina SA (BioCells, Inc.) has launched a program to store dental pulp stem cells, the first stem cell storage bank in Argentina to offer this service.
Cord Blood America announced in September 2010 that it purchased 50.1 per cent, controlling interest, of BioCells, Inc., which is Argentina's second largest stem cell storage company is profitable, and has affiliates under development throughout South America.

Biocordcell Argentina launches programme to store dental pulp stem cells - Biotechnology


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