First off I am not a big fan of Suzanne Sommers who is their ambassador for the product and I am posting this for informational purposes.  The patches use a new imagetechnology and they are not transdermal, so there is nothing going into the body but rather it works on the same techniques that acupuncture uses. 

Their sales are multi level marketing so just throwing this in as information.  I did look at the website and they have videos showing many pro athletes using the patches and they are not a fountain of youth, but rather make you feel better.  One video shows a man who was on pain killers for over 42 years as a Vet wounded in action and now is off of all of them, so again this is worth a post for information purposes and the video included here is from PBS and their exploration of the product and what it does.  The product site states that it is made in FDA approved factories and facilities and they conduct their own clinical trials to show that it is legitimate.  You can also connect here to see the current athletes using the product and their endorsements.  There are several patches and the one for pain is called IceWave.  Again, I have not used the product or know much more than what I have posted here but I have experienced acupuncture that works so if they are using electromagnetic energy that can touch and react with the same areas then perhaps there’s something to it and the fact that PBS gave it some time was kind of interesting.  BD 


San Diego-based LifeWave is an international distributorship company that offers a unique line of homeopathic and acupressure products in the form of non-transdermal adhesive patches.image

“After looking at results from seven separate research studies, as well as a focus group with more than 450 participants, we have proven that Aeon will change lives for the better with a never before available anti-aging effect,” said David Schmidt, founder and CEO of LifeWave. “This product is about providing people with vibrant health and less stress today. The cumulative effects of this anti-aging effect show visibly with an improved appearance of the skin, and the internal effects (such as a bioelectrical balancing of the nervous system) are even more dramatic.”



  1. I just tried the glutathione patch I was given
    for a free trial. It did what glutathione oral
    had done for me which is gives my skin a lighter
    and more glowing color. I only used a quarter
    patch before bed as the detox effect makes me
    sleepy. I can't use it during the day because
    of this. I am curious as to how this is not
    entering the body as to have the same effect
    as oral glutathione.


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