PBS really did a nice job with this video going through how body parts are being imagegrown and where we are today.  I have several posts on the blog about regenerative medicine and there are a few links at the bottom of the article. 

We are a lot closer than many may think as there are people walking around with bladders that were grown for them.  What is needed is the “scaffold”, in other words where the cells need to be implanted.  This video does a real good job on showing how the process works by taking an organ, stripping it down to ground zero and then injecting stem cells from the transpantee. 

One scientist states one day we may have storage facilities of jars of organs and imagethere’s no more rejection and identical replacements are built.  Mentioned here is the woman who had the trachea grown and replaced that was done in 2008.  Two cancer patients in 2010 have also had the same procedure. Be sure and watch to see how a converted printer can kick out organs too.  This is wild.  The image to the right is a heart scaffold.  After 8 days the first lab grown heart can beat on it’s own. 

Wake Forest has been one of the areas to where a lot of the research has been done as well as in Massachusetts General Hospital.   Teeth are also the next frontier and that one I can’t wait for.  BD 

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