Hawaii had it’s share of rain and it is being blamed for medical waste flowing to the imageocean from a landfill managed by Waste Management.  The landfill has been bad enough and now they are investigating as to where the medical waste came from.

Hawaii just like so many other parts of the world has been thrashed by large storms and rainfall to the point to where the water went right through the landfill and down to the ocean.  BD 

Last week in Hawaii, rainstorms washed medical waste and other trash imageout of a hillside landfill's holding pond, through storm drains and straight into the ocean. A few days later, the Waimanalo Gulch Landfill operators claimed the mess had been cleaned up, but workers were still plucking hypodermic needles, vials filled with blood and urine, and other hospital waste from the beach. One worker described vials "popping up like minnows” in the surf break.

Hawaii Landfill Spews Medical Waste Into the Ocean | TakePart - Inspiration to Action


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