Ok we had no doubt Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital in Boston would pass as Dr. Halamka sets the pace for the rest of us and their self developed system has been around longer than many EHR vendors for that matterimageDr. Halamka is the CIO for the hospital in case you may have missed any previous posts here and his blog is called “Life as a Healthcare CIO”.   The intelligence systems used are built on Microsoft SQL server.  You can read around the web about how his first few weeks with the hospital began a few years ago and the work he had cut out as almost upon his arrival the entire system was crashing.

Below are a couple of highlights from the blog describing the processes that the hospital went through to get the home grown certification.  His notes on “scripting” were something to take note of as well as he also had some tips for the certification processes in this area and we all learn by comparing and sharing experiences and notes.  I have a feeling he’s going to be one of the most popular guys around when it comes to questions being they are the first Self Developed program with medical records to be certified, as if he isn’t already in demand. 

On the blog he lines out the specifics on the scripting if you want to dig in deep here, so I think we had a dual certification process going on here too in a sense as you know he also sits on many boards with Health IT and is always up front in the running.  In a prior post he covered the topic of stimulus payments and it’s also worth a read as he drills it down to a bullet format so it’s easy to read. 

Back in January of 2009 his testimony in front of the US Senate proved very interesting as I followed it well, but even the rest of the folks in the committee were in awe as they called him “the jet” when it came to Health IT.  The video made by the Senate has since been removed but you can read my post and find out a little bit about how the stimulus testimonies went and hopefully our level of Health IT knowledge is way beyond those day.  image

Investing in Health IT: US Senate Testimonies

Just as a side note too, back in January of 2009 I was suggesting Congress entertain the idea of some better algorithms to help them function as well and that’s one of the reasons why that word is center stage at the Medical Quack.  BD

Lawmakers Consider Adding Health IT to Stimulus Package – We Need some Congressional Algorithms

Long and short we knew the hospital would  make it!  Not everyone in their senior year of High School builds a computer for UCLA so his credentials in this area are far above anyone else I have seen on the web by all means.  BD

On Friday, January 21,  2011, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center completed the certification of its enterprise EHR technologies via the CCHIT EHR Alternative Certification for Hospitals (EACH) program.   Here's the press release.  As I've written about previously, BIDMC (like many academic health centers) has a combination of built and bought technologies that collectively provide interoperability, clinical functionality, and security.   We demonstrated all our Intersystems Cache-based hospital systems and our Microsoft SQL Server-based business intelligence systems.

The process was rigorous, requiring us to follow over 500 pages of scripts and implementation guides in a single 8 hour demonstration.
The staff at CCHIT were remarkable, educating us about the NIST script requirements, emphasizing the need to prepare, and clarifying aspects of the NIST scripts that were ambiguous or seemed clinically unusual.



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