The software will be run on Dell electronic equipment and this will allow experts to test drive and write up their evaluations and opinions.  This is not a certification service at all, just one that allows testing and role playing to allow for additional imageopinions to help in the selection of an EHR medical records system.  You will either find the information you may need or perhaps you may become even more confused as there are around 300 systems to chose from today.  BD

From the website:

“The mission of HealthData Tech Labs and the staff behind it, the Polytechnic Institute of New York University Electronic Health Records (NYU-Poly EHR) Task Force, is to assist small doctors’ offices in making the move to electronic health record keeping. To this end, this is one in a series of reports describing qualified EHR software and the considerations that must be weighed in evaluating its suitability for use in a small ambulatory medical practice. Our reports provide a window on the user experience and what it’s like to install, learn, and use EHR software.

Dell is the official hardware supplier to HealthData Tech Labs. All software reviews were conducted using Dell computers, which the company graciously donated to the lab. The mission of HealthData Tech Labs – to provide unbiased reviews of electronic health record software – could not have been possible without Dell's commitment and support.”

Health Data Tech Labs ( will provide physicians and hospitals with expert, independent reviews of electronic health records software.  Reports evaluate installation and maintenance, system configuration, user training and "test drive" use-case scenarios. They also incorporate a unique self-evaluation process that enables professionals to match systems to their own specific requirements. The Tech Labs service will not certify EHRs as meeting meaningful use requirements. It is intended to help providers during the vendor selection process.


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