Back in 2008 I wrote about this device being in clinical trials and now that is has imagebeen approved, the web site states that it will be available by the end of the year 2011, that’s this year for the personal model.   It is not cheap at $50,000 for sure but for someone who can’t walk, it does the walking for them.  This is an amazing device as it attaches to the body and gets people on their feet who can’t walk from Argo Medical Technologies. 

When reading over the website it can be purchased by a rehabilitation center for use so many can benefit with re-training on learning how to walk again.  It comes imagein 2 sizes.  This is the Re-Walk I and it is available now. 

You can watch the video below and see additional information and a couple of patients who are using it.  Argo Medical is going to continue to develop the device and the video is from the Israel Institute of Technology.   


The second video shows more detail on how someone puts on the unit and walks with it and it’s doesn’t look to difficult to put on either. The bionic legs have arrived and it does stairs too.  BD   

The U.S. FDA has approved the use of 'Rewalk', a device that attaches to the lower body of paralyzed individuals and gets them on their feet again.

Designed and developed in Israel, the 'Rewalk' was featured in the holiday edition of Glee last year.


The mechanical legs are attached to a battery that is carried in a backpack. The use of the device allows people to walk for up to 12 hours each day. The system is run off a remote that attaches to the individuals wrist. Leaning forward allows the person using the device to walk, and leaning backwards stops the legs from moving.

Amit Goffer developed the 'Rewalk' in his garage. It has taken Mr. Goffer more than ten years to fully develop the technology to perfect his mechanical legs. Goffer was paralyzed 14 years ago, but has no use of his arms, so he can not use his invention.

FDA Approves The Use of 'Bionic Legs' | Gather


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