The company added the transplant services after Arizona stopped paying for imageseveral types of transplants.  The company is located in Tempe, in the Phoenix area.  The savings is quite large as we would expect. 

Joint replacements and lap bands have been the focus for their current tourism but now an option for transplants may be possible. 

They state they are working with doctors that have been trained in the United States.  We all have heard of the 2 people that died waiting for a transplant.  The cost is around 20% of what the cost is in the states.  They hope to have the transplant unit up and running by summer of 2011.  If one has to rely on charity for a procedure that would cost $100k for example, the life saving procedure over the border would the $20k and if one was in a position to where the surgical procedure was available and the lesser amount was raised, in the case of a transplant I think one would have to go in order to save their life.  Hopefully too Arizona will get their budget fixed to take care of the 100 patients on the waiting list for organs too.  BD 

TEMPE, AZ - A Tempe-based company, already leading trips to Mexico for surgeries such as hip replacement and gastric bypass, plans to add transplants as an option for patients.

MedToGo International has offered medical tourism trips to Mexico since 2001 and recently began coordinating with Mexican hospitals to bring patients there for kidney and bone marrow transplants.

"We'rw working with only the highest credentialed doctors (in Mexico)," said Dr. Curtis Page, one of the founders of MedToGo International.  "Doctors trained in the U.S. at some of the best transplant facilities in the country."

Valley company to offer transplant tours to Mexico


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