This patient lived in Tucson and was denied a transplant due to the October 1st imagebudget cuts.  I have no idea what is wrong with Jan Brewer and how she can live with herself with doing this, but as I said before, when you have IT illiterate people who do not know how to work with numbers, this is what was handed down, death panels.  Here’s a prior post from the middle of December below of last year that spells it out with a lot of information and worth the read.  We need folks with algorithmic literacy to understand how current day budget work and not sentence sick people to die. 

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer-Rootin’ Tootin’ IT Illiteracy Riding High Lacking Digital Literacy With Budget Algorithmic Solutions to Find Funding for Transplant Patients

Keith Olbermann has the video coverage here. 

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She’s not alone with being IT illiterate and using formulas to make decisions as we had this earlier this year too: With Gordon Brown talking, it was somewhat disturbing to hear his comment that he made saying “he had no idea on how connected the banks had become”


People that write code and the algorithmic formulas like to share and increase value and education, it is just a natural but the rest of the world and the Jan Brewer Society for the Digital Illiterate can endeavor to educate themselves up a notch to participate and continue to live with the values of the 70s and I think too are totally bliss, maybe time for a wake up call here?

A Democratic state representative is introducing a bill to offer a way to fund the transplants, which is small compared to other budget items at 1.4 million and again some of the numbers given for her decisions as reported previously were supplied with using the Algorithms of United Healthcare/Ingenix. The governor would not hold a special session. By the way, United has a new pilot program too of putting Oncologists on pay for performance, and yes you read that correctly, so keep this in mind when dealing with folks that only look at numbers and not lives and we could in time have a sub set of death panels in the works as last year they graded cancer doctors on whether or not they were following “the rules”.

Health Insurers Focusing on Cancer Treatments - Pilot Programs To Follow Standard Treatments & New Payment Structures

Also what was addressed was the “fake” death panels with advanced directives for people to be able to choose what happens at the end of life and give the doctor a little pay for their time, but again the illiterates struck again.  I also touched on the fact that if not regulated properly that it could get out of hand too with insurers trying to push this outside the borders of what it is, in the effort to save costs, as it’s all about those algorithms for profit and they do not belong in this area of human life.  They could  have a mother doing an advanced directive on a newborn baby before it gets out of the hospital as they already run algorithms to deny care for pre-existing conditions on those barely born and stop short of a big fight to fix it.  BD

End-of-life Counseling or Advanced Directives Are a Good Thing for Medicare But What Direction Would Health Insurers Drive It For Compliance To Reduce Exposure for Profit?


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